It’s now easier to find a trans date than it was in the past as the transgender community has become a lot more mainstream. Trans dating in Toronto is concentrated in a few areas, the main one being around Church and Wellesley streets. Trans people frequent a number of bars and nightclubs that we’ll tell you about. It’s also possible to find a date online.

Start by heading over to Goodhandy on Church Street. This is the hottest trans nightclub in town. There are trans women here on most nights, but if you come on a Thursday, you can’t miss. Locals say the whole community is here then.

The trans bar Crews & Tangos is widely regarded as one of the best in the city. It has been in business for a long time and has applied a zero-tolerance policy toward hate and discrimination from day one. It is located in the Gay Village area around Church and Wellesley. The bar features karaoke nights, live drag shows, and other fun events throughout the week.

To maximize your chances, take your efforts to the internet as well. It’s not that you can’t find someone at a brick and mortar location, but many of the trans women you do see will already be with someone. Other times, they’re in big groups partying together and may seem (and actually be) inaccessible.

Taking your search to a physical location might not be a good idea if you’re on the shy side. If you do muster the courage to talk to someone and you don’t hit it off, imagine how awkward that would be.

Another reason to choose an online dating site is that you can chat and get to know someone in the privacy of your home. People can worry about being seen with someone who’s visibly trans in public. Even in a progressive city like Toronto, this can be an issue.

If you try online dating sites, you can minimize pre-date anxiety by having a video call with the person and communicating likes and dislikes in advance.

Choose legitimate sites like My Trans Date and My Ladyboy Date, which cater specifically to the trans community and its admirers. The admins do a good job of weeding out fake profiles as well. Most of the trans people on these sites are looking for a committed, proper relationship or at least good friendship with kindness and affection. This is something we all deserve. Be kind and respectful in your interactions and expect the same in return.