Hot girls in LA have become disillusioned with dating. They’ve grown mistrustful of guys because so many of them are only looking for casual sex. When a guy actually makes plans, it can make a woman uncomfortable and even scare her. Attractive women in particular are used to men bailing. For them, it’s normal to never hear from someone again.

Stand Apart from the Rest

To hook up with girls in LA, you need to stand out from the crowd. Women aren’t inclined to invest much in men because there’s no guarantee of a meaningful relationship. Most guys are on virtually every dating app out there. With so many profiles to choose from, they’ve become pathological “window shoppers.” One woman who was doing research on dating apps for a book she was writing would see men she was interested in on these platforms all the time. They didn’t see her because her profile was hidden. If it wasn’t, it’s likely they would have assumed the same about her.

Men and women in LA can be flaky. The issue of who’s flakier is irrelevant here. Dealing with people who are unwilling to make an investment is quite frustrating. Something comes up last minute and a promising match cancels on you. You feel awful.

Dos and Don’ts

Sometimes you think about canceling yourself because you’re not into the person and you suspect it won’t work. You don’t want to be judgmental, so you decide to give them a chance. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes not. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

As a man, don’t do any of these things: cancel last minute, lie, show up late for the date, ask her if she likes you during the date, and get angry at her if she isn’t interested in going on another one. Understand that she’s also looking for love and sex and try to stay positive. If there isn’t anything you can do about poor behavior, don’t get upset over it. Just move on.

It’s best to wait for the girl to broach the subject of sex and then start an intelligent conversation about likes and dislikes. This will help you see if you’re on the same page.  Hooking up in Los Angeles will take some stretching and effort. Be polite: nothing puts off a woman more than a man who’s pushing for sex.