Zombie games, zombie movies… Is there anyone out there that does not shiver from the thought of our world ending? There is something overly attractive in the combination of survival and killing monsters. To be fair, it is highly unlikely that a zombie apocalypse will happen in real life. However, such movies give imagination an idea of what it could possibly be like if it happened.

Zombie movies nowadays however, struggle to come up with anything new. To be fair, there are hundreds of zombie movies out there. How could you possibly think of anything that has not been done already. This is why so few zombie movies go in production lately because they usually flop.

The majority of zombie movies look too fake and exaggerated to even make you afraid. In fact, most of them are quite amusing. One iconic movie from half a decade ago, however, tops the list of realistic zombie movies.

Fifty years later, Night of the Living Dead remains iconic in the horror movie genre. Nowadays, it is considered as the game changer for zombie movies. The original concept was actually an alien comedy, which was way over the $150000 budget. What was filmed in the end is a movie which changed the whole concept of zombie films forever.

The film begins at a cemetery, a traditional monster movie setting. The two main characters, brother and sister Johnny and Barbara are visiting their father grave and are there attacked. The director, Romero, then moves the setting in a completely untraditional manner. Barbara flees and is joined by the main protagonist: Ben. They hide in an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania where they are besieged.

George Romero creates something sensational for his time. He makes zombies eat flesh. In other words, he is the first to introduce the idea of humans devouring themselves. It was the first movie to put this symbolism to the front. It totally changed the world of horror.

The movie itself gives the impression that the apocalypse is happening now and that it is possible in the real world. The humanlike zombies are not overpowered and extreme like in modern movies. They feel real. The movie makes you feel like the world could suddenly change. The circle completes itself with the characteristics of the two protagonists. They find the moment to tell each other their stories, although their lives could end in seconds. While it is a fictional movie, the characters give the impression of reality.

In the years of war and nuclear fear, Night of the Living Dead was totally on the spot. The reality then was close to an Apocalypse. Humankind was destroying itself. In fact, humanity is still devouring itself nowadays. Of course, there is no zombie-like cannibalism or open warfare in the modern age. However, the pollution that we constantly create could surprise us one day. Who knows, maybe it will be exactly in the shape of a virus. We cannot know what the results of our contamination might be. We do, however, have a variety of apocalyptic movies that give us a good impression of what could happen.